Coronavirus outbreak: Helpful ‘dos and don’ts’

Thank you all for your understanding at these times of great change, your patience has been really gratefully received at the practice.

We wanted to list some helpful dos and don’ts to help us all manage as best as we can. We remain open with controlled access

Please Do

  • Use our website for everything you can before you phone
  • If you are worried about Covid-19/Coronavirus then look at rather than call us
  • If you are concerned you might be in an ‘at risk’ group please read the guidance on

Please Do Not

  • Do not come to the surgery if you haven’t been asked to. Use the website or phone
  • Do not stockpile medicines as this will cause problems
  • Do not ask us for sick notes for self-isolation, they are not required
  • Do not request paracetamol or ibuprofen on prescription as we have no access to this better than you. We understand there are pressures on the system. Here is a link to things you can do to help your children with a high temperature

If you can do this it will help us keep the phone lines free for people that are ill and need us.