COVID Vaccinations 2020/21

Running of COVID Vaccination clinics and what you need to know before you arrive

COVID vaccination clinics WILL NOT be held at The Orchard Medical Centre

You will be invited for a vaccination appointment; please DO NOT telephone the practice to book or query appointments. Patients will be booked in priority order and we have a useful poster on our website to indicate who will be invited for vaccination first.

All COVID clinics will run from another local Vaccination Centre (GP Surgery) and you will be informed of the venue, when you are sent your two appointments.

Once your COVID appointment is booked, please can we ask that you read and follow guidelines below before attending your appointment?

  • Please DO NOT attend if you have any COVID symptoms as per guidelines.
  • Please arrive at the venue 5 minutes before your appointment, but no earlier, to complete the administration and consent process.
  • Please wear a mask at ALL TIMES
  • Please use hand sanitiser on entering the venue.
  • Please only bring the minimum amount of belongings with you, take off your outer garments after checking in with reception.
  • Come alone unless a Carer is required (Only one carer per person to enable social distancing)
  • Please keep to strict 2 metre social distancing requirements at ALL TIMES
  • Listen to the COVID Marshals for instructions and advice when you arrive and leave.
  • You will be required to wait 15 minutes after receiving your vaccination for observation purposes.
  • You will require a second dose 3 weeks late, this appointment will be booked at the same time as your first.

It will not always be possible to book patients from the same household together. If you have to cancel for any reason another invite will be sent to you when we have further vaccines available.

Thank you.

Covid-19 vaccination guide for adults leaflet (PDF)

What to expect after your Covid vaccination (PDF)

Why do I have to wait for my Covid vaccination? (PDF)