We Are Open

We would like to clarify that our doors have been open to our patients throughout the entire pandemic and our staff have never worked harder. Like everyone we have had to adapt in many ways whilst we follow regularly changing guidance from NHS England, always with the aim of keeping both patients and staff safe.
Following national guidance from NHS England we telephone triage all GP appointments but when clinically appropriate and safe we see patients face to face and have been doing so throughout the whole pandemic.

We are allowing patients to wait in the waiting room but due to social distancing guidance we do have to limit the numbers.

We cannot safely return to the previous system without putting people at risk. We are continuing to provide palliative care home visits to those who are dying, mental health support to those in distress and see face to face those who need examining. Additionally we, and our colleagues across the country, are dealing with unprecedented amounts of phone advice, prescriptions, hospital communications and work being passed back to us from secondary care.

Staff have been covering shielding colleagues and with the current problems around national testing capacity those colleagues who have needed to self-isolate.

We are all dismayed by the negative media reports on general practice and would welcome your support whilst we all continue to work as best as we possibly can throughout the challenges that the pandemic still continues to present within the constraints that we face.

We Are Here For You

Here is what we have been up to.

  • 3524 face to face nurse appointments.
  • 11840 telpehone calls by GPs and specialist nurses.
  • 1516 face to face appointments with GPs and specialist nurses
  • 20865 calls handled by our reception team.
  • 13855 repeat prescriptions processed.

Data collected between 1st April and 31st August 2020.