When will I get my Covid-19 Vaccine?

Three Shires Medical Practice, Green Valleys Health, Downend Health Group and The Orchard Medical Centre are all working together to deliver vaccines to our patients.  As a team, we call ourselves Network 4.  We are pleased to announce that as Network 4 we have already delivered 3,000 vaccines to those people who are in the highest priority groups for Covid-19 Vaccination and we will deliver a further 2,000 vaccines this week.

We are going as fast as we possibly can and as soon as the vaccine gets delivered.

We organise clinics to deliver them within 24 hours of the vaccine arriving in our fridges. Tremendous effort is going in to ensure that no vaccine is being wasted so despite what you might be hearing in the news I can assure this is not happening locally. We don’t get much notice of the delivery so are giving you as much notice for your appointment as we possibly can.

The majority of our vaccinations for our patients are taking place at Christchurch Family Medical Centre. The four surgeries that make up Network 4 are working together and have built a team to make this happen. As we receive more vaccines we will be able to offer between 2,000 and 3,000 vaccines per week ensuring there will be an opportunity to get your vaccine locally. In addition to this we will add some further local surgeries as well which will allow it to be given even closer to home as soon as we have vaccine available to do this.

You may have received the national letter telling you that can call the national booking line to book your vaccine. Unfortunately you cannot book your vaccine at our local centre (Christchurch Family Medical Centre) through the national booking line.

In order to try and help we wanted to write to make it clear the different ways you can get your vaccine:

Option 1

Everyone who is registered with a Network 4 practice will be contacted to give them the option of going to their local vaccination centre for their vaccine when it is their turn.

We will contact you by text if possible.  If you don’t use texts, we will call you on the phone. Those most at risk are being contacted first. We will contact you separately about your second vaccination.

We understand that you might be anxious about being missed out and might want more information.  Our experienced staff have made sure that all the right things are in place to make sure that people who should be having the vaccine are invited in turn.

It is really important that you do not phone your practice for further information. We are trying to keep phone lines free for usual medical care.

Option 2

If you have received the national letter, you can book to have your vaccination at one of the national mass vaccination sites.  If you have your vaccination there, your medical record will be automatically updated.  You do not need to contact us. You may find you are asked to travel quite a long way for this as the moment.

Please choose only one of the above options.  If you choose both, vaccine will be wasted.

Please keep safe in the meantime and keep following all the guidelines to keep yourself safe. We hope that with the tremendous help from the clinical, administrative and voluntary teams that are making all this happen, we will all be in a safer place in the coming months.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Richard Berkley
Clinical Director of Network 4
Business Partner
The Orchard Medical Centre,
MacDonald Walk,
Bristol BS15 8NJ

Covid Vaccine: Who gets it first? (Poster as PDF)