Get help for any health problem

Please do not use this service for any urgent medical queries as this service is only monitored during practice working hours.

Your question will be passed to an appropriate member of staff for a response.

We will endeavour to deal with your query as quickly as possible, however we have had to extend the expected completion timeframe for this type of request to ‘up to 5 working days’.

The practice has been inundated and we have been struggling to meet the expectation of up to 2 working days. We apologies if this causes any inconvenience. If your query is urgent please call reception and avoid using this form.

If you do have an urgent medical query you should telephone the surgery or contact the out of hours service by calling 111. In an emergency please contact 999.

  • Please support the Surgery by NOT contacting us to ask about Covid vaccine availability. We will contact eligible patients when we have a supply of the vaccine for your age group.
Get help for any health problem

Get help for any health problem

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Video consultations require you to have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any computer with camera and microphone or headset. You will also require access to the internet, preferably over WiFi. If the practice decides on a video consultation you will be sent an email containing a link for the video consultation, so it's best if you can receive your emails on that same device.
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